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Postman integration

The Fern team uses Postman and, if you're here, you probably do too.

Fern has a first class integration with Postman so that you can automatically update your Postman collection any time you generate code.

Configure the Postman Integration

Step 1: Login to Postman and then select an existing Workspace, or create a new one.

Step 2: Get your workspace ID. To view the workspace ID, select the information icon Information icon. It will look something like 3b2d99e8-138f-49da-8658-2b47e326g192. Save this as an environment variable, such as {POSTMAN_WORKSPACE_ID}

Copy your workspace ID.

Step 3: Generate a Postman API key here. Save this as an enviroment variable, such as {POSTMAN_API_KEY}.

Step 4: Add the

- name: fernapi/fern-postman
version: 0.0.xx
mode: download-files
output-path: ./generated-postman
+ config:
+ publishing:
+ apiKey: ${POSTMAN_API_KEY}
+ workspaceId: ${POSTMAN_WORKSPACE_ID}